Robert Ray Quoted in Financial Times on Trump’s Son Meeting with Russian Lawyer

“Republicans dismayed by Trump Jr’s meeting with Russian lawyer”

Donald Trump’s attempts to move on from questions over Russia’s involvement in his election victory were dashed on Monday by mounting bipartisan concern over news that his eldest son met a Kremlin-connected attorney last year in the hope of receiving damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

The immediate legal implications are less dramatic than the political chatter suggests. Robert Ray, the independent counsel who investigated Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Whitewater property deal, said the meeting by itself does not demonstrate collusion.

Ms Veselnitskaya is married to a former Russian government official, has represented state-owned businesses and campaigned against the Magnitsky Act, which allows the US to withhold visas and freeze assets belonging to Russians linked to human rights abuses. Overturning the act is a Kremlin priority.

But it was not clear that Ms Veselnitskaya was representing the Russian government at the meeting and there was no indication that any trade of information for action by a future Trump administration was discussed, Mr Ray said.

“I don’t really see how that adds up to much,” Mr Ray said. “It doesn’t strike me, in and of itself, being a bombshell revelation.”