Robert Ray Quoted in New York Post on Todd Howe’s Confession During Cuomo Aide’s Corruption Trial

“Star witness in Cuomo aide’s corruption trial won’t wear jail clothes”

The star witness against a once top aide to Gov. Cuomo won’t have to wear jail garb when he returns to the stand today — but he’s sure to be grilled about his stunning mid-trial arrest.

…Howe claims to have served as the middleman in a corruption scheme that allegedly funneled $300,000-plus in bribes to former Cuomo aide Joseph Percoco from three co-defendants who did business with the state.

Former prosecutors said Howe’s stunning — and potentially disastrous — admission showed the feds clearly dropped the ballin not ensuring he kept his promise not to commit any more crimes after agreeing to cooperate.

“It’s embarrassing, obviously, for that to happen,” said Robert Ray, former independent counsel in the Whitewater investigation of President Bill Clinton.

“About all you can do is say you’re not providing the witness with any special breaks and the witness is held accountable for the cooperation agreement.”