Robert Ray Quoted in Politico on Mueller’s Russia Probe

“Mueller’s team to soon interview West Wing officials in Russia probe”

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is planning to interview up to a dozen White House aides in the coming weeks, according to people familiar with the investigation, but no request has yet been made to question President Donald Trump.

To veteran prosecutors, Mueller’s interest in talking with a wide range of current and former White House and Trump campaign aides isn’t that surprising.

“If you’re going to do a thorough investigation witnesses to what happened are the ones you want to talk to,” said Robert Ray, a former Whitewater independent counsel. “That’s what you’d expect a thorough investigation to be doing.”

He noted that Mueller’s interest in talking with any current or former Trump White House aides will raise “some difficult questions” about his ability to probe internal conversations. “The White House is going to be faced with the obvious rejoinder: do they make those people freely available or do they exert executive privilege?” Ray said.