Robert Ray Quoted in The Daily Signal on Manafort Indictment

“White House Dismissive of 2 Indictments, Guilty Plea in Russia Probe”

Even though Paul Manafort was indicted Monday on charges that weren’t connected to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, some legal experts think prosecutors are pursuing leverage for more information. Further, the guilty plea by a low-level campaign adviser could be a more direct link.

These are the first charges brought since Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel in May.

It’s difficult to determine where else the charges may lead at this point, said Robert Ray, the independent counsel who completed the investigation of President Bill Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky case, which began as a probe into the Arkansas Whitewater real estate development.

“The things we do know is that these are serious federal felonies,” Ray told The Daily Signal. “These are being brought within six months of Bob Mueller’s appointment. One of the fears of any White House is a prolonged investigation that drags for years. I wouldn’t say this investigation is moving with lightning speed, but the investigation is moving. … The lesson from our investigation is that public sentiment won’t tolerate a prolonged investigation without progress.”