Robert Ray Quoted in The Weekly Standard on Potential Trump Interview with Mueller

“Should Donald Trump Be ‘Looking Forward’ to an Interview With Robert Mueller?”

Special counsel Robert Mueller spent much of 2017 making quiet progress in his investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, but that has changed in the new year. Mueller’s team has interviewed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, will soon meet with former White House strategist Steve Bannon, and is making preparations for their biggest interview of all: President Donald Trump himself.

…Robert Ray, another Whitewater veteran who oversaw the investigation’s final reports, agreed: “You would be hard-pressed to conclude in good faith that you could convince a jury… that the president’s intention in firing the FBI director was to obstruct a law enforcement investigation. I don’t know a prosecutor in America who would actually, if they were being candid and politics aside, who could conclude based on that that’s what his intention was.”

…But declining the interview like that would be the conservative, defensive play—and no one’s ever accused Trump of running too defensive a playbook. Convinced he’s being unfairly targeted, eager to end the Russia inquiry once and for all, Trump appears ready to risk it.

“I am sure that the president, who has a fair amount of experience having testified under oath previously, and has the benefit of sophisticated counsel, understands the difference about what it is you can say when you’re not under oath and what it is you can say when you are under oath,” Ray said. “I think the president wants it recorded. He said, ‘a deposition under oath.’ I think what he intends to convey there is he wants there to be a record of the questions that were asked and the questions that he gave.”