Robert Ray Quoted in USA Today on Trump’s Failure to Testify in Mueller Investigation

“Trump still won’t commit to testifying under oath in Mueller investigation”

After more than a month of talks, and amid complaints about the nature of the investigation itself, President Trump’s advisers have not committed to him testifying in the investigation involving Russian interference in the 2016 election and claims that the president may have tried to obstruct justice.

Robert Ray, who succeeded Starr as the independent counsel, said Tuesday it was unrealistic to expect that negotiations for the president’s testimony to be completed as quickly as Trump and other wanted.

“There are going to be skirmishes along the way,” Ray said. “I suppose he could raise the Nunes memo as an argument that the investigation is somehow biased against him. But I think too much water has passed under that bridge for that argument to be effective.”

Ray said it’s likely that “what you are seeing are skirmishes that generally precede some sort of an agreement.”

While there are reasons Trump may want to skip an interview — “there is no point in walking in and providing more information to the special counsel and risk the possibility of making false statements” — the president and his team must also take public reaction into account, Ray said.

“There are major political considerations here, and the public may demand and expect that the president submit to an interview,” Ray said.