Robert Ray Quoted in Wall Street Journal on Emoluments Clause Lawsuit

“Tribe: Meritless Emoluments Clause Lawsuit”

Regarding Brian C. Kalt’s “The Emoluments Clause for Dummies” (op-ed, Jan. 25): In addition to the substantial argument that the Emoluments Clause does not apply to the presidency itself and the related point that President Trump would only be subject to its terms if Congress, through impeachment, so decided, a careful reading of the constitutional text also reveals that the prohibition against receiving emoluments from foreign governments may be excused with “the Consent of the Congress.” It isn’t hard to imagine—whatever lawsuits may be ginned up targeting this issue—that the Republican controlled Congress can address and resolve the matter once and for all, as circumstances develop and warrant.

Robert W. Ray
New York
Mr. Ray formerly served as Whitewater independent counsel.