Robert Ray Quoted in Wall Street Journal on Trump's Potential to Testify Before Mueller

“White House Legal Team Considers Ways Trump Could Testify Before Mueller”

President Donald Trump’s lawyers are considering ways for him to testify before special counsel Robert Mueller, provided the questions he faces are limited in scope and don’t test his recollections in ways they say could unfairly trap him into perjuring himself, a person familiar with his legal team’s thinking said. Mr. Trump’s legal team is weighing options that include providing written answers to Mr. Mueller’s questions and having the president give limited face-to-face testimony, another person familiar with the matter said. “Everything is on the table,” this person said.

…“The sooner they make the president available to submit to an interview, the faster that Bob Mueller can get to the finish line and be over and done,” said Robert Ray, who served as independent counsel in the Whitewater investigation that examined former President Bill Clinton’s conduct.