Robert Ray Quoted in Washington Post on Potential End of Mueller Investigation

“Mueller’s treatment of cooperating witnesses suggests end of Russia investigation may be near”

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III is setting a curious pattern as he squeezes cooperation and guilty pleas out of suspects in his investigation, one that suggests he may be nearing the end of his work.

When President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen was sentenced in federal court in New York on Wednesday, he became the latest Mueller target to be accused of a crime, flip and provide evidence against others, and then be sentenced before having to testify in court.

…Cooperators “usually go last,” said Robert Ray, a former independent counsel on the Whitewater investigation.

The sentencing of those Mueller defendants “suggests to me that whatever those individuals have done for the special counsel investigation, there is no further use for them,” Ray said. “If there were any contemplation of using them at trial, you would sentence them later. And the only conclusion I can draw from all that is that we are nearing the end.”