Thompson & Knight Mentioned in Austin American-Statesman on Austin’s Prop A

“Editorial: No on Austin’s Prop A: Arts, recreation venues would
take the hit”

The sign of a bad ballot proposition is one that won’t accomplish its stated goal — but will recklessly inflict collateral damage.

Such is the case with Austin’s Proposition A: It won’t undo the city’s approval of a Major League Soccer stadium at McKalla Place, as proponents of this citizen petition effort initially hoped. But the poorly
written measure could trigger needless hardships for beloved civic institutions such as the Long Center for the Performing Arts, ZACH Theatre, the YMCA and Butler Pitch & Putt.

… If that happened, according to a legal analysis by Thompson & Knight, a law firm hired by the Austin United PAC opposing Prop A, the North Austin YMCA would face an estimated a $211,165 bill and the ZACH Theatre would face an $87,079 bill next year. The Long Center, perched on valuable city land overlooking Auditorium Shores, would face an annual $2.5 million bill — eating up a quarter of the performance center’s budget, a potentially fatal blow, Long Center president and CEO Cory Baker told us.