TK Attorneys Mentioned in Law360 on Campus Book Co. Inc. / McGraw-Hill Global Education Holdings LLC Case

“Textbook Publishers Accused Of Trying To Kill Resale Market”

McGraw-Hill, Pearson Education and other big-name textbook publishers and sellers are trying to drive college resellers out of business by developing a new model for course material that doesn’t allow students to buy used books, according to a new proposed class action.

A group of college textbook resellers told a Delaware federal judge Wednesday that they were being stamped out by the textbook makers’ tightening grip on the industry and a new product they say is ironically billed as “inclusive access” course content.

…The proposed class of textbook resellers is represented by John C. Phillips Jr. and David A. Bilson of Phillips Goldman McLaughlin & Hall PA, Nicole Williams and Mackenzie S. Wallace of Thompson & Knight LLP and Stuart Cochran and L. Kirstine Rogers of Steckler Gresham Cochran PLLC.