T&K Attorneys Mentioned in Law360 on Life Partners Historic Fraud

“BREAKING: Life Partners Trustee Says Co. Perpetrated Historic Fraud”

The court-appointed trustee overseeing the Life Partners Holdings bankruptcy has in recent days filed more than a dozen lawsuits in Texas that seek to recover millions of dollars from investors and individuals, saying Monday that the company perpetuated one of the largest frauds in the state’s history.

The defendants in some of the trustee’s lawsuits include charities that received payments from Life Partners, Moran said. In a statement, Moran said, “while it is our legal and fiduciary duty to recover funds for distribution to defrauded investors, it is unfortunate that the philanthropic missions of some charities were drawn into Mr. Pardo’s house of cards.”

Moran is represented by David M. Bennett, Richard B. Roper and Katharine Battaia Clark of Thompson & Knight LLP.