T&K Attorneys Mentioned in Law360 on Seven Networks / ZTE Corp. Lawsuit

“ZTE Corp. Can’t Slip Texas Battery Patent Row”

China-based ZTE Corp. must face a suit in Texas alleging it infringed patents for improving mobile device battery life because it has a U.S. subsidiary and makes significant sales of its devices in the states, placing it under the Lone Star State’s jurisdiction, a Texas federal judge ruled Wednesday.

U.S. District Judge Barbara M.G. Lynn found that the Chinese telecom giant sells its products through its Texas-based subsidiary, ZTE (USA) Inc., and that as the fourth-largest purveyor of mobile devices in the U.S., it must be “reasonably aware” that its products are sold here, so it has to face the suit brought by Seven Networks LLC in Texas federal court, according to her order denying the company’s motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction.

…Seven Networks LLC is represented by Bruce S. Sostek, Adrienne E. Dominguez, Austin Teng, Herbert J. Hammond, Matthew W. Cornelia, Max Ciccarelli, J. Michael Heinlen, Nadia Haghighatian, Natalie M. Cooley, Richard L. Wynne Jr. and Vishal H. Patel of Thompson & Knight LLP, and Eric S. Hansen, Samuel F. Baxter and Theodore Stevenson III of McKool Smith PC.