TK Attorneys Mentioned in Law360 on Spinderella / Salt-N-Pepa Lawsuit

“Let’s Talk About Cash Baby, Spinderella Tells Salt-N-Pepa”

Longtime Salt-N-Pepa DJ Spinderella has accused her former bandmates of firing her and cutting her out of royalties and other pay, yet continuing to use her name and image.

…Thompson & Knight LLP’s Paul K. Stafford, who represents Roper, said they attempted to work the matter out before turning to litigation, but with no resolve.

“We feel we’re justified in all the allegations we’ve made,” he said, adding that Roper has rights she’s entitled to as a member of “a trio that’s iconic individually and collectively.”

Representatives for the defendants couldn’t be reached.

Roper is represented by Paul K. Stafford and Sydne K. Collier of Thompson & Knight LLP.