T&K Celebrates 130 Years of Service

Dallas – Thompson & Knight LLP recently unveiled a series of three banners outside its One Arts Plaza offices to commemorate the Firm’s 130th anniversary. The banners were designed by Abraham Hernandez, a Visual Arts student at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (“BTW”).

“Since our founding in 1887, Thompson & Knight has been at the forefront of law and commerce in Texas and throughout the world,” said Mark M. Sloan, the Firm’s Managing Partner. “While the practice of law and the cities in which we practice have evolved over our 130-year history, one thing remains unchanged – we still consider the ability to serve Dallas and communities around the world an honor and a privilege.”

The Firm was established by William Thompson and R.E.L. Knight, who were among the earliest law graduates of The University of Texas, at a time when the practice of law in Dallas was essentially rural. As Dallas matured into an international center for commerce, finance, energy, and technology, Thompson & Knight aligned its legal services to the ever-changing business demand. The Firm began expanding into more markets and broader legal services, and today has U.S. offices in Texas, New York, and California and international offices and associations in the Americas, North Africa, and Europe.

“As we celebrate 130 years of service, we reflect with gratitude upon the strength of our partnerships with clients, which have enabled us to maintain a position of leadership in the industry as well as make a positive impact on those whom we serve,” said Mr. Sloan.