T&K Client Agromod´s In Vitro Division Featured in Agro News on Merger

“Nature Source Genetics and Agromod’s In Vitro Division merge to form Nature Source Improved Plants”

Nature Source Genetics LLC and Agromod´s In Vitro Division (a Plenus affiliate company) have merged to form Nature Source Improved Plants LLC (NSIP), a unique international venture with expertise in advanced plant breeding technology and in high-throughput plant propagation. The new company will be based in the US with divisions in Ithaca, NY and Tapachula, Mexico.
Agromod´s  In Vitro Division, located in Tapachula, is currently the largest Latin American company dedicated to in vitro production of disease free, high performing, and genetically homogeneous plant material for the global market. They specialize in the propagation and sales of tropical crops, producing more than 10 million plants per year for the coffee and tequila industries, in addition to production of cacao, banana, papaya, and other high value crops.