T&K Receives 2017 Angel of Freedom Award from Human Rights Initiative of North Texas

Dallas – The law firm of Thompson & Knight LLP is pleased to announce the Firm has been honored with the 2017 Angel of Freedom award from Human Rights Initiative of North Texas (“HRI”), the organization’s top honor.

“The lawyers at Thompson & Knight are among the most dedicated of our pro bono volunteer lawyers,” said William O. Holston, Jr., Executive Director of Human Rights Initiative of North Texas. “They bring a high level of professionalism, dedication, and skill to these very difficult cases. Lives are saved because of their hard work. We’re thankful also for the financial support which T&K gives to our organization, as well as the logistical assistance which the firm provides to our agency.”

“We are honored to be recognized by the Human Rights Initiative of North Texas for our contributions,” said Greg W. Curry, the Firm’s Trial Practice Leader and HRI Board Member. “The Firm has a longstanding practice of contributing pro bono legal work and financial contributions to HRI because we wholeheartedly believe – as does HRI – in the values of basic human rights for all people and respect for the worth and dignity of individuals.”

Each November, HRI recognizes organizations and individuals whose gifts during the year – financial or otherwise – contributed significantly to the agency’s ability to carry out its mission. The Angel of Freedom award honors those whose extraordinary commitment to HRI has inspired the organization to keep striving, to seek out those who need help, and to remember why the organization does what it does.

“Engaging in pro bono activities and serving individuals in our community is not only our professional responsibility, but a privilege,” said Mark M. Sloan, Thompson & Knight’s Managing Partner. “We are grateful to HRI for the opportunity to serve others through their organization.”

HRI is a Dallas-based, non-profit organization assisting survivors of violence from all over the world. The organization provides legal and support services to refugees and immigrants who have suffered human rights abuses, advocates for justice, and promotes international human rights. To learn more, visit http://www.hrionline.org/.