T&K Trial Attorneys Mentioned in Law360 on Encompass Trial

“Blue Cross Can’t Get New Trial In $26M Contract Suit”

A Texas federal judge on Monday rejected Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana’s request for judgment in its favor, reconsideration or a new trial in a $26 million contract suit brought by Encompass Office Solutions over the insurer’s alleged anti-competitive actions and refusal to cover insurance claims.

 U.S. District Judge Barbara M. G. Lynn did not issue an opinion with her order but said she would eventually do so. The insurer’s motion came after a jury agreed with Encompass’s argument that Blue Cross had refused to cover $1.4 million in claims and had used its control over the market to constrain the company’s business, resulting in the loss of $25 million in future revenue.

Encompass is represented by Jennifer Rudenick Ecklund, Greg W. Curry, William L. Banowsky, Andrew Cookingham and Reed C. Randel of Thompson & Knight LLP.