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Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

Our interdisciplinary team assists clients on a wide array of data privacy, data protection, and cyber incident planning and response matters to ensure compliance and reduce risks from cyber incidents. We have helped clients in various industries deal with compliance and cyber incidents, including retail, energy, financial services, healthcare, insurance, software, telecom, and transportation, among others.


Thompson & Knight’s Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice consists of an interdisciplinary team of attorneys and professionals who focus on data privacy and security, pre-breach planning and preparedness, and response to cybercrimes and network intrusions. We help clients plan proactively, including development of incident response plans, review of insurance policies and vendor contracts, and cyber-related due diligence in mergers and acquisitions. We also help draft, implement, and provide employee training with respect to privacy and data use plans and procedures; data protection and privacy policies; website and social media terms; and bring your own device (BYOD) policies. Our regulatory expertise covers domestic and cross-border data transfer, including GDPR.

We are recognized as approved cyber insurance panel counsel by one of the nation’s largest insurance companies, and our team includes former Department of Justice attorneys with experience investigating and prosecuting cybercrimes under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. With more than 20 lawyers from offices across the United States and Mexico, we are well-versed in the challenging state and federal regulatory requirements related to the cyber arena. Our team of experts frequently contributes to panels and publications concerning data privacy, cybersecurity, and data breach incidents.

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