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Energy IP

Oil, gas, and energy businesses are technology and data businesses; our attorneys have experience with not only the underlying hardware but also the software, artificial intelligence, and other technologies introduced to this sector more recently.


Intellectual Property

Our attorneys know the technology, both from having worked in the field and from representing companies in every sector of the energy space, including E&P, distribution, and service companies. Among other technologies, we have experience in drill bits, drill pipe, rotors, stators, power sections, casing, fracking, blow-out preventers, seismology, drill-bit steering, drilling rigs, production rigs, pump-jacks, and drilling and production software. Our attorneys’ skill sets gained from working in other related fields—for example, telecommunications, artificial intelligence, and software—bring value to our energy clients in both transactions and disputes.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Other Transactions

As a leading firm in the energy space, we have attorneys with expertise in all aspects of this industry. Our intellectual property attorneys’ familiarity with the technology, and our many years working on energy transactions, helps us deliver specialized insight.

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

While seismic and related data have always been a critical component of the energy business, the volume and type of data has grown exponentially. We help clients in the collection, protection, and licensing of such data. We also assist clients with minimizing cybersecurity risks. Our understanding of the underlying data (how and where it is generated, how it is used, and its inherent value) helps us craft comprehensive and tailored strategies.

Trade Secrets

In the energy space, many of our clients’ most important assets are trade secrets. We counsel clients on how to best protect those trade secrets and, when necessary, help them to litigate such matters. Again, our experience in this industry sets us apart.


We have represented clients in patent, trademark, copyright, and trade-secret litigation in the energy space, where our deep understanding of the industry has given our clients a significant edge over the competition.