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Thompson & Knight's confidentiality and trade secrets counsel includes drafting agreements for employment, consulting, confidentiality, non-competition, non-disclosure, works for hire, and assignment of inventions. Our business counseling includes auditing existing trade secret protection programs and developing new ones, including programs to handle employee suggestions as well as unsolicited ideas and inventions. We also represent clients in disputes involving alleged trade secret misappropriation, breaches of confidentiality agreements, misappropriation of secret employee and customer information, and inevitable disclosure of trade secret information.

Our attorneys are actively involved in the public policy and conflict of laws aspects of trade secrets and non-competition agreements, recognizing the strong interests of Texas and other states with respect to employees who work in or are employed by companies within their borders. We regularly counsel clients on the integration of non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, and the inevitable disclosure doctrine as an adjunct to those protections.

Herbert J. Hammond is one of only six attorneys in Texas named to The Best Lawyers in America® 2018 by Woodward/White Inc. for Trade Secrets Law.